Wednesday, June 30, 2010

never you so angery

finished sketched version,of pissed off superman, for Adam,inking would probly take another day, but so far im inlove with it... JUDGE ME ..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

design that has been getting alot votes

 you tell me
the theme of this is, well you guessed it right ,
 one of the first designs of skin off my teeth, ten shirts being made.

skin off my teeth clothing and print

 Welcome kids, well awesome dudes and ladies, it's just a blog of a freelance illustrator and graphic designer making shirts for each and every person that likes the dark and yet "uplefting " illustrations of Nigel Harden. If you know me, then really you must know the style i like to create, if you dont.. hopfully you guys would like it oo.

again welcome to the first blog of  skin off my teeth clothing, let me know what you like and ill show you what i can do.

 shirts not  yet in stock if you wondering